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making coding education accessible

Code180 is an education organization that helps people learn the fundamentals of web development and computer programming in three hours (i.e., 180 minutes). Code180 workshops are held at universities, colleges, high schools, private companies, and in other organizational settings.

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"Fast paced class. Lots of great info and hands on learning to better understand how to code. I feel like I got more out of the three hours for this class than the eleven weeks I spent doing programming logic through a university. Well worth the time. Thank you." ~Trever K.

“Code180 does a great job giving an easy to follow overview on how to learn to code. Coding doesn't seem scary anymore.” ~Arnold P.

"It was great at bringing coding to a level that I could understand still feeling like I was able to make things happen with it." ~Jenifer T.

“Code180 is great. My excitement built to a roar throughout the workshop. I'm excited to get coding.” ~Josh J. 

"Very helpful class. Was able to learn a lot in the short amount of time given. Looking forward to attending more classes through Code180." ~Richard T.

"Very informative for a three hour course. I've taken multiple programming classes at UVU in C#, Python, Java, and HTML. This course was able to sum a lot of the same things I learned in an entire semester." ~Tyson E.

"Lots of good info. Good break in the middle. Nice to be able to take home things to work on. Definitely would recommend to someone else!" ~Charles M.

"Learned something new. Able to take something back to the classroom." ~Steven B.

"Really fun and accessible. The instructor was really nice. Everything was well prepared and ran smoothly." ~Miranda C.

"Very easy to understand and easy to follow for a novice. Good hands-on approach that allowed us to actually accomplish something. Nice to see that I could create something and that I also had resources to solve problems that I would run into." ~Shawn N.

"I've been wanting to get into coding but had no idea where to start. Code180 made coding and programming actually accessible for me, and got me excited about new projects and new functions to add to the basic app we created in class." ~Madi M.

"Really great overview of the core concepts of coding. Enjoyed hands-on application of what we were learning." ~Matthew F.

“Code180 was very intuitive and easy to follow. The way the workshop was taught really helped me understand how HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used together to create web sites and web apps. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to get into web development.” ~Jason F.

"This was fantastic. I wish someone had explained it to me this way when I first started learning how to code." ~Whitney J.

"Loved this course. Fast, clean, and easy! Definitely will do this again." ~Trevor F.

“I really had a great time at Code180. There was a lot of awesome material that was gone over. For anyone that is interested in going into coding or even if you just need a good refresher, Code180 is a great start! It goes over the very key components of coding and gives you a great understanding of what coding is all about. I would definitely recommend taking Code180 even if you have the slightest interest." ~Nathan J.

"Very informative. Lots of info. Easy to understand projects." ~Stetson D.

"First of all it was free, that's awesome. I did like how we kinda just jumped into the code." ~Blake R.

"I was able to follow along and create my own web app, which felt really cool." ~Paul W.

"Really great introduction to understanding programming and coding fundamentals." ~Blake M.

"Well organized and well supported." ~Matt J.

"Great course. Great help. Great time. Good for beginners." ~Matthew D.

"Really liked this brief workshop. I've never been exposed to any sort of coding or programming; this was easy to follow along and learn. I would recommend." ~Brooke N.

"Covered a lot more than I was anticipating. Well-paced and easy to understand." ~Gary N.

"I liked completing a small project while learning what resources are out there along the way. I feel like I have a good foundation to start new projects." ~Eric A.

"Great, clear instruction. Liked that we actually built a web app." ~Chase B.